Safeguarding your Solar

In 2018, Solar Analytics engaged Metropolis to provide a cost effective solar monitoring solution.  Metropolis designed and developed a reliable high frequency data feed that supported a customer friendly and feature-rich customer engagement platform.  Customers had peace of mind that their solar system was working at its best.

Metropolis were able to rapidly and reliably develop a new service that helped our customers maximise the return on their solar investment.  This has enabled Solar Analytics to offer our solar management services to a new market segment with a much more cost effective solution.

Stefan Jarnason
Solar Analytics

Solar Analytics required an experienced, innovative and accredited metering provider to launch a new product with electricity retailer, Mojo.

The brief was to develop a cost effective metering solution for solar customers to view the performance of their solar systems in real time.

If possible, utilise existing metering installations without the need for expensive site visits and configuration.

Metropolis designed a clever way of collecting and storing small interval metering data every 5 minutes and allowing Solar Analytics access to the data via an API layer.

This data included energy from the grid, energy from the solar panels as well as energy exported back to the network for others to use.

Solar Analytics were able to collect the data every five minutes and to present it to their customers.

Customers had peace of mind knowing their solar system was working at its best.

They gained access to a feature-rich platform that issued alerts and feedback on their solar system performance.

Customers were able to understand their Solar savings as well as receiving feedback if their solar panels stopped working or the panels were performing below expectations due to being dirty or shaded.

Solar Analytics generated new customers and new revenue streams.