Credit where credit is due ?

A clients HVAC system kept turning off in hot weather stopping important environmental testing. We helped the customer avoid $250k of lost production per day by collaborating with United Energy to improve the electricity supply all within 24 hours. They were extremely happy.


A large environment testing laboratory recently established in Dandenong which was supplied by a dedicated substation in the United Energy distribution network. The client’s HVAC system, essential to operate the laboratory, shut down when supply voltages dipped below acceptable levels usually occurring whenever temperatures rose above approximately 35 degrees.
With temperatures forecast to rise to 40 degrees plus in two days’ time, the client was facing both significant loss of production and poor customer service.


Metropolis was able to use its “live meter” solution to immediately display voltages on site and engage United Energy confidently about the problem.
Typically, a distribution business would have to mobilise a separate team at great expense to install voltage logging equipment and wait up to two weeks for the results before acting.
To United Energy’s credit, they immediately mobilised a team to adjust the substation transformer based on the information we provided.


Supply voltages supplying the site were increased ensuring the HVAC system could operate effectively through the extreme hot weather.
The client could operate their labs and avoid an estimated $250k of lost production over the hot weather.