Reimagining embedded networks

In 2017 Metropolis launched into embedded networks, focusing on high value service and innovation to breakthrough an already cluttered market. We delivered a new billing model that puts Owners Corporations back in control.

To set ourselves apart from competitors, and to attract the highest quality opportunities, Metropolis set about reimagining how embedded networks are managed to deliver outstanding value for owners and occupiers.

Redefine how Owners Corporations deliver savings for their tenants by buying energy in bulk and sharing in the benefits of investing in Solar.

Metropolis turned the embedded network model on its head, allowing Owners Corporations to set the prices at which energy is on-sold to residents and businesses.

Our service delivery model is totally different to that of our competitors.

Our charges are fixed.

We manage regulatory compliance, metering, billing and collections and the Owners Corporation reaps the benefits of tens of thousands of dollars in savings a year.

Savings that are otherwise claimed by our competitors as margin and invisible to Owners Corporations.

From a standing start, Metropolis has rapidly grown its embedded network portfolio, creating long term value for Owners Corporations, owners and occupiers.

Increasingly, Owners Corporations are dissatisfied with their existing embedded network service providers and are turning to Metropolis, while other Owners Corporations are converting their sites to embedded networks in order to access the benefits we can deliver.

The Owners Corporation were able to invest confidently in Solar knowing that the benefits would be shared with the tenants.