A ray of sunshine for Landlords and Renters

In 2018, Powershop approached Metropolis to help them develop a cost effective solution that allows landlords to invest in Solar and provide tenants access to renewable solar energy.  Metropolis partnered with Stoddarts and Reposit to deliver an innovative solution that creates a cost effective delivery model and an integrated billing platform for Powershop and its customers.

We brought a complex set of requirements to Metropolis to do with the rollout of an Australian-first metering solution for the new build residential market.  Metropolis were a critical part of it's successful implementation with a continual focus on process simplicity and on delivering in a timely way for our customers.

Adam Taylor
GM Energy

Develop a cost effective metering solution for landlords and tenants to share the benefits of Solar.  Deliver a simple and effective suite of tools that lower the cost and increase the timeliness of connecting Solar so that customers can benefit immediately.

Powershop needed someone agile and creative to deliver a “first in Australia” project.

Metropolis worked collaboratively with a number of leading players in the energy space: Powershop, Reposit and Stoddarts.  Together, we created an innovative metering and solar solution that supports an integrated billing solution for both landlords and tenants including a feature-rich customer interface.

Each property comes with 6.5kW of Solar producing up to 10,000kW a year.  The solution also provides flexibility if the customer decides to not buy the Solar, the landlord can sell it directly to Powershop.

Higher yield for Landlords with earnings up by about $25 per week.

Cheaper energy for tenants with savings of about $275 per year

Increased the rollout of Solar reducing our use of fossil fuels.