Saving Optus Oodles of Money

In 2018, Metropolis used its Network Tariff Optimisation Engine to analyse more than 1,000 small business sites for Optus across 5 states and territories to significantly reduce their network costs.

Metropolis delivered significant value to us, by identifying savings as well as supporting us and EnergyAustralia through the change process

Rod Branson
National Energy Manager

Reduce the cost of buying energy over more than 1,000 small business sites across multiple electricity networks by selecting the best tariff option from the range of options.

Analysing network tariffs is a hard and complex area with confusing names, eligibility criteria and differing structures.  Traditionally this is done manually using spreadsheets one site at a time.

To deliver this at scale, Metropolis built a dedicated and automated optimisation engine that incorporates all the network tariff options and their eligibility criteria.  The NTO engine then uses actual data for each individual site over the last 12 months to evaluate each of the available tariff options and selects the most cost effective one for that particular site.

Once the recommended tariff changes were identified, Metropolis partnered with the retailer, in this case EnergyAustralia, to request the tariff changes in bulk with the local networks.

Optus were able to save more than $850k p.a. on their network costs across 65% of their sites.

EnergyAustralia liked the outcome so much they are looking to roll out the solution to other customers.