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National Rollout Rural South Australia Covered

  • May 30, 2012
Image Rural South Australia Covered

The first residential smart meters for rural customers in South Australia have been deployed by Metropolis.

The technology developed by Metropolis allows for remotely read meters anywhere there is a mobile phone network. Even if the signal strength is too low for voice calls the network can still be used to transmit metering data.

We have deployed meters at rural properties and farms from Torrens Vale and Victor Harbour south of Adelaide, to Murbko, Stirling North, Brinkworth, Port Augusta, Carrieton and Orroroo, through to Minnipa, Kimba and Boston, on the Eyre Peninsula.


Installation work was completed through our growing network of rural electricians to cut travel and keep costs to a minimum.

Customers benefit from improved billing accuracy, secure and reliable access to usage information, by the following morning, and lower prices for electricity.

It is important that enhanced services are available to rural energy users and not just those living in the more densely populated cities and towns.


Marco Bogaers, Chief Executive Officer, Metropolis

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