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National Rollout First Residential Smart Meters for NSW & QLD

  • Jul 28, 2012
Image First Residential Smart Meters for NSW & QLD

Metropolis has installed the first officially recognised residential smart meters in New South Wales and Queensland.

The installations are the beginning of a larger rollout for customers on a solar lease plan.

Each meter is installed with the additional capability of measuring the electrical output of the solar inverter to the same compliance standard as the kwh import & export measurement required from bi-directional metering.

These first residential smart meters have been deployed in Bateau Bay, a coastal suburb of the Central Coast region of New South Wales, and suburban Brisbane.

Over the next few months more residential smart meters will be installed in Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong, throughout regional New South Wales, and throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

We've been able to achieve this due to our focus on GPRS and 3G to enable direct point-to-point transmission so that we are not restricted to projects with volume & density. We can easily deploy metering to a single site in any location.


Chris Boek, Chief Technology Officer, Metropolis

Smart meters have never before been available to residential customers in New South Wales or Queensland.

Although New South Wales electricity distributors claim to have rolled out thousands of smart meters over the past five years these meters in fact have no remote reading capabilities or value added functionality, and for billing and settlements purposes continue to be read manually as analogue meters.

Metropolis meters are the first in New South Wales and Queensland for residential customers to be registered as smart meters with AEMO, to be read remotely every 24-hours, to provide value added functionality, such as remote reprogramming, and to enable customers to access and monitor their usage through any web enabled device.

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