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National Rollout Training Day

  • Jul 26, 2012
Image Training Day

Metropolis this week completed another round of installer training as we continue to expand our residential smart meter network across South Australia, New South Wales & Queensland.

Key to any successful smart meter deployment is access to a network of competent and reliable field technicians.

Metropolis continues to expand its network of licensed electricians with a regional focus to eliminate travel costs.

Electricians are trained to ensure safety is paramount. Processes and procedures must be rigorously followed to ensure safety before, during and after each meter is installed and so that metering accuracy is compliant.


Marco Bogaers, Chief Executive Officer, Metropolis

Once trained, installation work is constantly assessed and monitored. Installations are tested and inspected to an approved asset management plan.

Commercial Electricity Metering

Commercial Electricity Metering

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Residential Electricity Metering

Residential Electricity Metering

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Adelaide Solar City

Adelaide Solar City

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