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Bi-Directional Electricity Metering

Image Bi-Directional Electricity Metering

Metropolis provides bi-directional metering for residential and business sites with renewable energy generation.

  • solar
  • wind
  • biogas
  • biomass

From residential homes with solar panels and pig farmers with biogas generators to wind turbines and solar farms, we service some of the smallest energy producers in the country.  

Metropolis owns and operates the meters it installs, and remains responsible for the measurement accuracy of the meters, which are compliant with AS 62052.11, 62053.21, 62053.23.

  • Poly-phase current transformer connected bi-directional metering
  • Poly-phase whole current bi-directional metering
  • Single-phase bi-directional metering
  • Load control bi-directional metering (time switch & ripple control) for hot water, space heating, etc.

Meters measure kilowatt-hour electricity import and export in 30-minute intervals and data is collected remotely every 24-hours for storage, validation and delivery to market participants.

Metropolis can also measure inverter output separately in 30-minute intervals to provide a complete picture of how much electricity is consumed each half-hour, how much of that electricity is contributed from the grid and how much is co-generation, and how much co-generated electricity is exported to the grid.

Sample testing programs are conducted annually in accordance with AS/NZS 1284.13:2002 to ensure ongoing measurement accuracy across our metering portfolio.

Residential Electricity Metering

Residential Electricity Metering

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On Line Data Access

On Line Data Access

Get the most from your retail energy plan with Dialogue – an on-line web service that gives you direct access to your meter reads from any web connected device.

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