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On Line Data Access

Get the most from your retail energy plan with Dialogue – an on-line web service that gives you direct access to your meter reads from any web connected device.



  • Check your bills
  • Monitor your usage
  • Cut your costs

View your entire consumption history:

  •  30-min energy values by day
  • daily energy values by month
  • monthly energy values by year

Monitor your weekday, Saturday and Sunday Summer & Winter average use.

Easy to read and understand:

  • bar graphs
  • line graphs
  • data tables

Feature rich information available:

  • energy usage
  • carbon emissions

With this information at hand you can better understand how much your electricity usage is costing and how to control it so that you can reduce your energy bill.





Residential Electricity Metering

Residential Electricity Metering

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Bi-Directional Electricity Metering

Bi-Directional Electricity Metering

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