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Metropolis commenced operations in February 2007 with a handful of meters installed at residential and small business sites in metropolitan Melbourne.

Today we operate an extensive network of electricity smart meters across Australia, from far north Queensland, to the Eyre Peninsula, down to southern Tasmania and up the eastern seaboard.

Ours is the largest, privately owned network of smart meters in Australia and we remain the only competitive provider of residential smart metering services.

Metropolis smart meters are found in some of the most remote locations in the country, from outback mining communities to alpine ski resorts, at farms, restaurants and cafés, sport & entertainment venues, hospitals, refineries, wineries, service stations, news agents, shops, cinemas, bowling alleys, mines, factories, clubs & pubs, hotels, shopping centres, aged care facilities, schools and, of course, at countless homes.

Metropolis holds the distinction of installing the first residential smart meters in each of the States of Victoria (Ivanhoe - February 2007), South Australia (Leabrook - May 2008), New South Wales (Bateau Bay - July 2012) and Queensland (Sunnybank Hills - July 2012). 

In 2008 we launched Australia’s first web-based data access service so that residential customers could monitor electricity usage in their home and in 2009 we  launched Australia’s first full colour touch screen, interactive in-home display.

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